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Parent Academy: Montessori for Dads

Many key proponents of a Montessori education have been men — Mario Montessori, Jean Piaget, Prince William, Larry Page and Sergey Bryn, George Clooney and...Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison even founded Montessori schools. The King of Thailand made it Thailand’s official educational method! There must be a method in this madness.

Come share a cuppa with other blokes and chat. This workshop will be hosted by a AMI Montessori teacher and enthusiast, but most of all a frazzled dad of two primary Montessori girls — Tom Zajac

How do we get our head around Montessori and fit the philosophy in our busy life? How do we trust it, since it is so different from what we have experienced ourselves? And, as the parent of a Montessori child who is independent, opinionated and strong willed…what then?