Parent Testimonials

There's nothing quite like hearing from real parents about their experience. Here's what they have to say about what Capital Montessori has meant to their family.

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"We are so happy we found Capital Montessori Preschool.  The nurturing environment it provides has given our kids such a great start to their schooling. A caring (and clean!) environment, amazing activities and the freedom to choose what interests them - it’s the perfect fit for our family."


"We chose Capital Montessori because it is a calm, warm and engaging environment for our child. We appreciate the quality of the Montessori classroom and the kind and capable teachers. We are delighted that our child is eager to go to preschool every day."

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"Our daughter has just completed her first term at Capital Montessori and we are so pleased with her personal growth and development so far. She is becoming so confident, independent and has a real sense of belonging. We have observed her language skills grow and this has had a lovely calming effect at home where she is more easily able to problem solve and articulate her feelings. We love how Capital Montessori goes above and beyond to extend each child to reach their potential whilst building solid foundations for joyful life-long learning."



"Capital Montessori School is right for us and our kids because the curriculum is targeted at independence and concentration: that's what we want for our boys.  The brain is developing furiously during the playgroup and preschool years - why would you not want to give your child the best possible start in life?"


Sean, Mel & family

"Choosing Capital and Montessori for our three girls has been one of the best decisions we've made as parents. One visit and we knew it was a very special place. It gives kids a great start on their learning journey - nurtures their independence, social skills and confidence. At Capital our kids are not just being cared for, they're happily following their own interests and discovering how much fun learning is!"


amy & FAMILY

"We just love Capital Montessori School. It is a wonderful, supportive environment to learn and grow. It really nurtures a love of learning - Liam is happy to go there every morning and comes home inspired and excited. His teachers are genuinely passionate about Montessori education and Liam has thrived over the last 18 months."



"We discovered Capital Montessori School's Rata playgroup through a neighbour - and what a brilliant course it has set our girls on. I really like that as an infant playgroup Rata is open to children and parent's attending together, so I was able to come along and find out what Montessori is about and what makes it unique and special compared to a traditional teaching methodology.

Given the warm and incredibly inviting environment my very busy first born (and I) were soon made to feel very much a part of the group. She was able to engage with the beautiful materials as they took her interest and at her own pace and the environment seemed to channel her enthusiasm for discovery and exploration in a positive and calm way.

My second born followed suit, coming along to sessions from 8 weeks old. They both now attend the preschool and everyday are spoken to with love, understanding and respect (I have not heard a teacher raise their voice in the classroom). They are given an array of the most amazing activities and materials to enhance their love of learning, find out about the world, foster their independence, learn to take care of themselves and to make friends. I am so pleased we started on this Montessori journey given the first years are so important and believe that Capital Montessori School has given my girls the absolute best foundation for learning."


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"Capital Montessori School (CMS) has been my best parenting 'find'. It is more than a preschool and playgroup, it's a community of like-minded parents and hugely committed teachers who all want the very best start for our children. Both my children and I have made great friends and have a strong sense of belonging to CMS. The opportunity to stay until 6 years old is fantastic and my daughter was so well prepared to join primary school then. My son loves his teachers and friends. My children have very different learning styles and I have so appreciated how their teachers have valued them as individuals and allow them to learn and develop in their own way."