Little Master Bakers

Poppy, Cece and Jizel are amazing bakers. At just 4.5, they have mastered the skills of preparing their workstation, measuring and mixing ingredients, kneading and arranging their dough. They work together, side by side almost every morning, and then wait patiently for their dough to rise. Once ready, the dough is braided and woven, to create the most amazing and elaborate loaves. 

If I have to choose one special thing about a Montessori preschool class, it would be the smell of freshly baked bread, biscuits and pastries.

In our classrooms, baking starts the moment the children arrive for the day. After saying goodbye to their parents, almost the first place children run to is to the baking table.

Older children usually take the lead, while their younger three year old friends watch in awe, taking the process in and learning, until ready to take their turn. Although the little ones sure take the lead in eating when the yummy treats are available on our morning tea table :) This is a great example of real life learning and the passing of knowledge from the older children to their younger peers.

Montessori classrooms encourage the children‘s engagement with real life. Maria Montessori believed, that a child is happy when they have the feeling of being fully contributing members of the family and by extension their community. In a Montessori classroom they have a chance to do just that!

We cook, we bake, we garden, and we run our class like a little community. Like a family, we work together, eat together and have fun together. We also love to be hosts, so if you’re curious about us, do come and visit. We’ll have a cup of tea and some freshly class-baked goods to share.